EnSmart DDC Controller

EnSmart DDC controller are next generation soft DDC and it will support any remote Input/output Module , which use the analogue or digital signals from various devices of a field sensor and actuators and then process and control the system based on the programme written inside the controllers and has the capability to sends the information to another controller or DDC.

EnSmart DDC Specification:

Description Technical Specification
Processor ARM A53 | 1.5 Ghz | 32 Bit
Clock frequency 1 GHz and Above
Memory 2GB-RAM,16GB Storage
Ethernet RS 485 3 ports, USB 4 ports | RJ 45 | DC port | HDMI | Audio Out
External port 2GB-RAM,16GB Storage
Range Ranging from dry -40°C temperatures,to humid and hot environments exceeding 60°C for long periods of time.
Power Supply 12-24 V AC/DC


EnSmart DDC and other building automation systems offer several advantages for building owners, maintenance staff, and facility managers. A well-designed Our DDC system will:


• Respond quickly to environmental changes, helping maintain more stable temperatures and, ultimately, better occupant comfort year-round
• Boost energy efficiency through programmable operations sequences
• Keep operating costs down by ensuring HVAC systems are running at peak efficiency at all times
• Reduce workloads by automating basic lighting and HVAC processes according to a set schedule
• Assist with diagnostics, reducing downtime and alerting you when preventative maintenance is necessary
• Modbus TCP/BACnet IP(Via En-Node)






Here you can download Smart DDC-Controller ppt

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