EnSoft EMS Artificial Interlligence

EnSoft Ems Artificial Interlligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI analytics can help improve Energy Management platform functions in three ways—through analytics built into the platform, via analytics embedded in equipment, and from supplemental analytics software intended to augment specific building operations, such as energy management, comfort control, or predictive maintenance. Energy management, however, is the building function most often enhanced by AI analytics, with results from an enhanced system most evident in the form of lower electricity bills.


AI analytics can be used in various industries to realize specific benefits. For facilities in general, AI-enabled systems can aid in gathering data on day-to-day site elements such as the signing in or signing out of staff, floor occupancies, contractor traffic, and logistical operations. In retail, AI analytics can help improve temperature and humidity control in shopping centers, providing more comfortable conditions to shoppers. In education, end-users are adopting smart building technologies with AI capabilities to modernize facilities for students. And in facilities that manufacture highly sensitive IT equipment components or medical components, AI and machine learning can help with climate control. If the system is integrated with fire safety, access control, and video surveillance, control of various building processes and operations could be achieved, preventing incidents that could disrupt production and negatively affect business. Such a comprehensive solution could be highly beneficial for sensitive installations like nuclear power plants, averting accidents that may have potentially devastating or lethal consequences. Even so, concerns abound on the suitability of using AI analytics for critical infrastructure projects or in the daily operation of a building in which end-users process sensitive data. Proponents of AI analytics argue, however, that deploying the technology can go a long way toward enhancing situational awareness in managers responsible for the safety of facilities, thereby improving security overall.


Based on the analysed report, guidance would be proposed to the management for the energy efficiency and cost reduction.

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