Straw/Coconut Shell biomass gasifier Performance characteristics1)Gasification of biomass gas can in crop straw and forestry waste straw directly into clean biomass gas, burning through a special converter.2)Using scientific wind, gas ratio of the formation of circulating air duct, no fans, air distribution through the process three times and the wind tunnel with air control, fire size adjustable.3)Combustion started fast, click-to-fuel.Bank up a fire started again after that point that is still burning.4)Energy consumption is low, only 3-4 kg of straw daily (cost is almost zero), a charging 3-4 hours of continuous burning.5)The unique furnace design, advanced technology, scientific structure, small volume, easy, safe and reliable, it is simple and easy to operate.

We are Manufacturer of High Quality Biomass Gasifier for Thermal & Electrical power Generation.

Recent Installation

Recently we installed on our Customer Location , We Designed and Installed a System to help to replace 8 nos of LPG Cylinders and 100 KVA Power Generation using Same system.

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Customer List :

Convenio Foods International Limited,

Om Shree Mens Hostel,