Industrial Automation


Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is a set of technologies that uses control systems and devices, such as computer software and robotics, to enable automatic operation of industrial processes and machinery without the need for human operators Today’s ever-changing industrial controls technologies offer new and innovative ways to approach automation and control issues. To take advantage of these new technologies, you need a partner who understands how to apply them to your needs. From concept to commissioning, we are committed to developing, building, and maintaining quality industrial controls that assist you in meeting your company’s production goals. Current economic conditions dictate that your operation must produce product as efficiently and reliably as possible. Industrial Automation will work closely with you to develop new systems, or to cost-effectively enhance the capabilities of existing machines to meet your requirements. Your automation components—PLC's, robots, VFD's, touch screens, sensors, and more—can be programmed so the integrated automated solution will work efficiently and reliably. This new system and all of your existing networked control systems can be "linked" together so you have complete visibility, real time status and control, historical logging, and reporting.

Industrial Automation

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Industrial Automation

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